A revolving drum to mix the components like: cement, sand, gravel and water to form a concrete. Today's market increasingly requires consistent homogeneity and short mixing times for the industrial production of ready-mix concrete, and more so for precast/prestressed concrete. This has resulted in refinement of mixing technologies for concrete production. Different styles of stationary mixers have been developed, each with its own inherent strengths targeting different parts of the concrete production market.

The mixer dominates the ready-mixed market as it is capable of high production speeds, ideal for slump concrete, and where overall cost of production is important. Drum mixers have the lowest maintenance and easy to operate.

Specifications :

1. Capacity 10/7 Cft
2. Type Pneumatic
3. Power 6.0 HP Diesel Engine/ 3.0 / 5.0 HP Motor( Branded)
4. Drum Thickness Bottom(12 mm), Middle(8 mm), Top(4 mm)

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