MAVEROS Bar Cutting Machine is robustly built to with stand the stress while shearing of rebar and various forms of steel bars. TMT Cutting Machines, also known as Bar Cutting Machines are lightweight, easy in operation, yet very sturdy in structure. The dense building of this rebar equipment makes it ideal for a standard construction site.

Durable fast and easy to use, this machine gives a one-shot cutting operation with perfect cutting accuracy thus minimizing the use of labor and long drawn cutting process for single cuts. The extra characteristics of the Rebar Cutting Machine help save a great heap of money and time for the customer in vast quantity, thus increasing their output capability.

This workhorse knows no stop as it can be effectively put to use for a constant round-the-clock production.

A high power torque generator in the form of a solid flywheel is what, gives MAVEROS Bar Cutting Machine unmatched strength and robustness. Shock resistant tool steel, duly heat treated, forms the innovative Eight Edged Blade giving longer operational life to the cutting tool. Our TMT cutting machine is specially designed and built keeping the diverse demands of the building industry in mind, hence making it comfortable to apply and extremely cost effective.

MAVEROS Rebar Cutting Machine has set a benchmark by being the leading manufacturer in this construction industry around the world. All our raw materials used in the manufacturing process are pre tested, certified and selected with utmost concern under the able guidance of our team of trained experts and engineers.

Bar Cutting Machine is available in different models, for rebars with maximum diameter up to 28mm (Single Phase or 3 phase), 36mm, 42mm, 52mm and 55mm can be sheared at one stroke.

Satisfactory review from our existing customers gives us huge joy to keep manufacturing and make the necessary changes as and when needed as per technological advancement.

Benefits & Features:

Bar Shearing Machine
Jig locator for rigid holding of bars while shearing.

Bar Shearing Machine
Safety cover for operator protection while shearing.

Bar Shearing Machine
Electrical safety devices ensuring safe operation.

Automatic Bar Shearing Machine
Oil bathed gear box reduces wear & tear of gear & pinion increases life of machine and avoids routine maintenance and break-down time.

Bar Shearing Machine
Special tool steel cutting blades are carefully heat treated for a longer cutting life.

Automatic Bar Shearing Machine
Available with Single Phase of Three Phase (C 28 model)

Optional Features

Bar Shearing Machine
Innovative foot control switch for one man operation.

Automatic Bar Shearing Machine
Measurement line for effectively measuring the length of the bars before the cutting operation increases you Production capacity.


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