We offer a wide range of premium rod products and services to customers in the wire industry. We combine our wire rod material expertise with application knowledge - ensuring we always deliver the right quality steel to meet your needs. To support ongoing development of high-quality products, we continue to invest in processes and people at our world-class steelmaking and rod manufacturing facilities.

Dimensional capability

Diameter (mm) Weight (Kg/Mtr.)
1. 5.5 0.186
2. 6 0.222
3. 7 0.302
4. 8 0.394
5. 10 0.616
6. 12 0.887
7. 14 1.208
8. 16 1.578
9. 20 2.465
10. 22 2.983

Coil Weight: 2000kg max.
Coil Inner diameter: 850/900mm
Coil Outer diameter: 1250mm
Coil Height before/after compacting: 2000/1500mm
Packaging by strapping: Tying with metallic strap
Tolerance: As per IS: 16124, 2004
Product Attributes: Fine grain or as per customer requirement of killed steel variety Depth of decarburization = 1.5% of Wire Rod Diameter (maximum)
Gaseous Content: Nitrogen = 70 ppm (maximum) with our Vacuum Degassing facility, we can adhere to stricter specifications on mutual agreement.






Carbon steel
SAE 1006- SAE 1085;
JIS G 3506;

Various grades of steel wires galvanized or plain and for making nails, mesh, rope wires, pre-stressed concrete wire, needle wires, general purpose wires, industrial wires, agriculture wires, brush wires, chain rivet wires, umbrella ribs, piano wires, etc.

IS: 2879, SWRY 11-21, ysw 11-41, YGW 11-41

CO2 gas shielded arc welding, submerged arc welding wire and general electrodes.

Spring Steel
JIS G 4801, SUP 9 – SUP 13

Coil springs for shock absorber, clutch, valve and other dynamically stressed application in automobile industry.

Bearing Steel
SAE 52100, EN31

For manufacturing of bearing components like balls, rollers and needles. Also used in manufacturing of axle, spindle, gear, etc.

Cold Heading Quality
IS:11169 (Part I), IS:2255,
SAE1010 / 1015 / 1018 / 1020 / 10B21 / 15B25 / 15B41 / 19MnB4

For manufacturing of fasteners like bolts, nuts or screws by cold forging or extruding and are widely used in general and automobile industries.

Free Cutting Steel
SUM11 / 12 / 22L, SAE12L14, EN 1A / 8M

For manufacturing indicate automobile parts and white good appliances.

IS: 2062, 2011

General application in structures.

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