It's a world without boundaries. A world that is growing, changing and challenging every day. A world that requires many different skills, continuous innovation and financial investment, and the responsible use of natural resources.

This is the world in which JD GROUP seeks to excel, by providing the best quality products and the best possible services to our customers. The stated purpose is to create solutions to ever changing needs, using the material that plays a vital role in all everyone's lives. Steel is exceptionally strong, durable and versatile, as well as being 100% recyclable.

As one of the world's most accepted company, we are not only meeting the current needs of our global customer base but also developing exciting new solutions in steel that will deliver additional values to our customers in future.


Diversity enriches any large organization and enhances its collective capabilities. A clear, shared vision is a key requisite for successful diversity management.

THE JD GROUP VISION- To be the global steel industry benchmark for value creation and corporate citizenship.

We will achieve this through-


Based on the performance of all JD Group companies over many years, the JD India brand has come to stand for quality, trust, business leadership, the highest ethical standards and respect for all its stakeholders.

The specific attributes attached with JD Group, including product excellence and safe, and substantial manufacturing, have led the JD India brand to represent reliability and quality to customers; fairness and opportunity to employees; and corporate responsibility to local communities and society at large.

JD Group has, in turn, created a number of sub-brands for its specialty businesses, products and services – each of which carries the same values and attributes.


Steel is an essential material used in many industries- it's the backbone to countless products, structures and services that shape the everyday lives of people throughout the world.

JD Group serves customers in all the major market sectors globally, and recognizes that each sector, such as automotive or construction or packaging, requires different solutions to meet its specific needs. Depending on the market, region and specification of the product, we serve our customers directly or through various centers.

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