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Basmati, is acclaimed worldwide for its special aroma and unique taste. "Bas" is derived from Prakrit word, Vas and has Sanskrit root, Vasay that means aroma and " Mati" from Sanskrit suffix matup(already ingrained or possesses).

Characterized by its unique and delicately balanced combination of favored features: superfine (long slender) grains, exquisite aroma, sweet taste, soft texture, delicate curvature, ambrosial taste make basmati an indispensable and favored food item specially in Biryani or Pulao make a global delight.

Growth in the foothills of The Himalayas and the fertile Gangetic plains, fed by underground sweet waters of Northern India, flourished under the rare combination of day-night temperatures and soil conditions, Basmati has achieved unparalleled place in time and history.

When cooked. The long and slender Basmati rice becomes soft and fluffy, never sticking together making it a perfect serving even for connoisseur.

Basmati plans are low yielders, grow tall and slender, vulnerable to stormy winds, and produce high quality grains that are known worldwide. Basmati rice is deliberately matured for one year to get its distinguishing features – cooked length, non-stick nature and rich aroma.

Basmati rice like other living being on earth owes strong lineage, heritage and geographical affiliation that's uniquely of its own. It is God's gift to India and our gift to the world.

Basmati Farming Practices at a glance

Best paddy comes from certified sources known for their purity, selection of seeds, seed treatment, nursery sowing, field preparations and transplantation.

  • Farmer get seeds from reliable sources, i.e, government agencies, agriculture universities and research center.
  • Crop grown from certified seeds of notified varieties.
  • Certified seeds are genetically pure and true to the type.

And all this ensures high germination Better Island and better farm yield. Seed treatment: to reduce seed borne diseases.
Nursery Sowing: Broadcasting of sprouted seeds in wet seedbed during 1st week of June.
Field Preparation: Preparation by mechanical means for easy transplanting.


  • Ideal Time: 1st fortnight of July
  • Transplantation of 25-30days old seedlings
  • 1-2 seedlings per hill
  • 32 seedlings per sq mtr.

Top Dressing: Basmati varieties require low to moderate fertilizer quantity, especially nitrogen to avoid excessive vegetative growth.

Irrigation: Timely and proper, but low quantity of water during specific growth period is required.

Pruning: Cutting of flag leaf at 10 cm from" Upper most leaf collar" to reduce the plant height and prevent it from lodging without affecting the yield.

Pest Control: Control of insects and diseases through 'IPM Practices'.

Drainage: Removal of water from the field 15 days prior to harvesting is mandatory to get higher yield and good quality.

Harvesting and Threshing: Manual harvesting of golden color crop at 20% moisture at 35 days after 50% flowering to get maximum grain yield and head rice recovery.

Every step is carefully undertaken to help produce the finest and highest quality Basmati.

Only the best farming practices assure the best quality paddy.

Product Range

Our wide product range includes the complete basket of Indian traditional, hybrid and long grain rice: Traditional Basmati, 1121 Basmati, Pusa Basmati, Sharbati and Broken Non-Basmati Rice as well. We offer different variants like Raw, Steam and even Parboiled Rice.

Our Brands

To give you the taste of real Basmati, the king amongst the rice, we bring you our internationally acclaimed Basmati Rice Brands based on different tastes of people in India and around the world. Our products always meet the expectation of our customers in terms of finest quality, unique aroma and authentic taste.




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