The material hoist from MAVEROS is good news to the contractors seeking single equipment for man and material handling, offering easy transport to vertical heights of high rise buildings. MAVEROS is a leading material hoist manufacturer having expert engineers of this company to understand the varied requirements of site contractors and hence manufacture several kinds of material hoists to suit the unique site requirements.

  • 1-2 ton loading capacity
  • 30-36 m/min lifting speed
  • 300 meters maximum height

These material hoists are cost effective with low energy consuming geared motors. Along with self-erecting mechanism, these material hoists are equipped with several safety devices to ensure less material wastage and complete safety of the crew.

Material hoist also comes with additional attachments which enhance the performance of this essential construction equipment. The optional attachments like overload limiter reduces manual error of loading excess materials or crew.

The rebar attachments available with these material hoists are flexible and hence easy to customize as per the need. You can also order FC drivers and floor selectors to be delivered along with the material hoists.

Along with multiple features and safety kits, these material hoists are also manufactured with quality raw materials to meet the global quality standards.


  • Electromechanical Brake Motor
  • Centrifugal Breaking System
  • Lower & Upper Limit Switch
  • Travel Limit Switch
  • Cage Door Electro Mechanical Lock

MAVEROS Material Hoist variants:

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