As a part of Man and Material Handling Solutions, MAVEROS brings to your interest a wide range of Passenger and Materials Hoist. Brought to your service is a range which can lift up to 8000kg, with a lifting speed that can reach up to 96m/min and an attainable maximum erecting height of 450m. These hoists can be used in various construction sites, power projects, metallurgical, mining, oil and chemical industries.

Our Passenger Hoists feature high quality materials and components from world renowned manufacturers. The Rack and Pinion adopts a specially processed material and heat treatment technique, prolonging the life of these parts. The mast section surface can be finished with paint spray, Parkerizing baking finish or hot galvanizing processing as per user requirements.

To serve the increasing demand for high-rise construction we offer the high speed VF hoist, with a maximum lifting speed of 96m/min. A few salient features of these hoists are:


MAVEROS Builder Hoist variants:

MAVEROS Passenger Hoist variants:

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